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Google Review

"I’m a 68 year-old woman with various health issues. When I came to Nick a few months ago I told him I just want to be able to walk all the way through the grocery store without feeling like my back was breaking in two. 


With Nick’s expert therapeutic massage skills and knowledge of the anatomy of my problem, I can now not only make it all the way through the grocery store, I can walk the endless aisles of places like Home Depot and can actually “hustle” through the rain from the farthest reaches of a parking lot. I don’t limp anymore when I stand up from sitting. 

     He gave me hope that I could start to take back control of my health through walking and exercise… things I have not been able to do for a very long time."

- Pat G.        Westerville

FaceBook Review

"I went to Nick after receiving a gift card, and he was great! Very professional and really did a great job on some spots on my back that have been hurting for a while. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Jackie M.       Westerville

Google Review

 "I was having awful tension headaches that were debilitating. I thought I had exhausted every natural, therapeutic options when I found Nick through a search for a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. After visiting Nick for a couple of bi-weekly treatments, I haven't had one tension headache, even in settings that would surely trigger the tension.


 I have been impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain the muscular and nervous system to help me understand the cause of my pain and his treatment approach. Nick is passionate to share professionally a therapy that has helped him first hand, and ensures that your comfort and pain relief is first priority.
   This experience has opened my eyes to the values of massage when practiced as a therapy. I am now an advocate, and happily recommend Nick."

- Dan C.      Westerville

Website Review

"Had a medical message for a pain in my neck. Certainly felt better the next day with my pain point feeling more loose and having more range of motion in my neck."

- Mike M.         Columbus

FaceBook Review

"WOW, I have been to many massage therapists but Nick is my go to - hence forth. He’s professional, knowledgeable and his massage office is centrally located and CLEAN. WHAT A WESTERVILLE FIND! 

I have been afflicted with a frozen shoulder for over a year. I went to a orthopedic Dr in Florida having X-rays, MRI and physical therapy and no relief from pain and limited movement. However, Mr Panos has found that I have symptoms of rotator cuff issues.

  Without throwing anyone under the bus, Nick is FINALLY helping my pain. I have more range of motion and am seeing relief in sight. Thank you, Nick! You are my saving grace!"

- Laura D.      Westerville

Website Review

"Nick did a wonderful job helping to resolve some mid-back stiffness. He used the perfect about of firmness to reach the sore spots. Completely Satisfied."

- William B.          Westerville

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