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"Nick is tops. I have had massage treatments for sport muscle soreness, flexibility and stress for decades all over the US and orient. Nick is the best. My wife gave me a gift package and I've kept it up. Very professional, by the book. Any apprehensions will be eliminated right off. Tops."

FaceBook Review

"I have been seeing Nick for over 5 years and I highly recommend him. He has nursed me through training for runs and triathlons and helped me recover from several overuse injuries. He is utterly professional and truly cares about his clients. When I was plagued with a hip problem, he did a bunch of reading to try to find a way to alleviate the soreness. Plus, he starts with scalp/face massage that is TO DIE FOR!"

FaceBook Review

"Thank you, Nick, for a wonderful post-race massage. I have never had a massage after an athletic event, but I know that I will now regularly get them. I have never felt better. Never have I had a recovery like that, as I'm typically sore for days after running a race. I was actually able to engage in CrossFit shortly after Saturday's race. Thank you for always doing a thorough and professional job!"

Google Review

"I've worked with Nick to prepare for an extended bike tour of Ireland last year. He was able to tailor my muscle recovery and sport stretching to help my chronic low back discomfort and hip flexor range of motion.

Nick has a terrific knowledge base that extends beyond the usual massage treatments and will work with you to sort out current issues then target areas to improve your training regiment.

I like Nick over other massage therapist I've worked with because he has a sport background and understands the needs of athletes. Not a foo-foo massage, real therapy."

Google Review

"As a 26 year-old athlete, it had been recommended that I look into the therapeutic and prophylactic affects of sports/deep tissue massage by my trainer as well as health care providers. What I have realized is that I should have been utilizing this therapeutic approach many years ago. 

 After the initial few sessions with Nick, I instantly found an increase in mobility, flexibility, and overall comfort. His hybrid approach (that he customized specifically to my needs) of sports/deep tissue incorporates the needs of my body and focuses on the specific wear and tear / priority points as an athlete .


I have been seeing Nick weekly and can testify to the true difference massage has made on my day-to-day functionality as well as recovery/performance in the gym. Can’t say enough good things here. Highly consider his sports massage package you won’t be disappointed!"

Helping you to "keep on keepin' on"

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